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Kenai Peninsula Mental Health is a group of passionate counselors serving residents of Soldotna, Kenai, and Sterling

Soldotna Counseling Office

It takes a lot of courage to reach out to a counselor for support when things seem unmanageable and overwhelming. That’s a big first step in the right direction, and we are here to help! Our professional counselors in Soldotna are skilled, equipped, and motivated to support you and your loved ones in finding a wholistic path towards health and wellness.

Kenai Peninsula Mental Health is a group of compassionate, professionally trained therapists providing counseling services to kids, teens, young adults, families, and individuals living in Soldotna, Kenai, Sterling and the surrounding areas.  


We have experience in and offer counseling services to address a wide array of challenges, including, but not limited to:

The interplay between lifestyle factors and mental health is at the forefront of our treatment planning. Our counselors are here to walk along-side and support you on your path to wellness. We work in conjunction with other community based health providers in Soldotna and Kenai, offering you various levels of support in an effort to help you reach your identified goals.

KPMH counselors are here to help you heal, change and grow. We encourage you to browse through our website and gather information to find out whether or not we might be a good fit for you!


Sessions are 50 - 60 minutes

Experienced professional therapists on staff

$180 per session

Accepted by most insurance providers

We do not accept medicaid at this time

To schedule: (206) 451-7271





Child Counseling

A fun and interactive therapeutic process where children are engaged in various forms of play, movement and expression. In our child counseling sessions, kids are invited to explore and express themselves with their most natural language, play. This medium is both safe and effective, and invites kids to communicate thoughts and feelings that they might not otherwise be able to express verbally.

Teen Counseling

A safe and supportive therapeutic environment that allows adolescents and teens to discuss and explore the challenges they face in their day to day life. Our down-to-earth counselors offer humor, warmth, science based psychoeducation and practical interventions to increase skills, help better manage emotions and teach tools to learn and practice healthy ways to cope with everyday challenges and stressors.

Family Counseling

An integrative therapy approach that involves the whole family system in identifying strengths, stressors, and challenges. The family and KPMH counselor work collaboratively to identify ways in which everyone can contribute to creating healthy and lasting change. In addition, work will be done to establish more healthy and positive styles of interacting.  Family therapy includes education and tools to address emotional and behavioral issues.

Adult Counseling

Counseling creates a safe space to explore and identify goals, learn and practice skills and create changes that will enable you to be a happier and healthier you. Our counselors offer science based inventions with warmth and candor, allowing for honest and open communication of thoughts and feelings. In counseling, you will come to learn more about what you do, why you do it, and how you might do it differently, moving forward.


Ready to get started? Call or email us today. Our contact info is at the bottom of this page.

Once you reach out, a professional counselor in Soldotna will be in touch to talk about your particular circumstances, and what brings you into counseling at this time. Should you wish to move forward, a therapy appointment will be set up to meet and talk in more detail, ensuring that the relationship is a “good fit” for all parties involved.

Additionally, KPMH uses Simple Practice, a medical record and portal system that will allow for confidential and HIPAA compliant messaging that ensures your privacy. You will be sent a portal link that directs you to online documentation to be completed prior to your initial session.

KPMH’s office is located in Soldotna on the second floor of the Blazy Mall, Suite 202. Feel free to arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled therapy session to grab a cup of tea and relax before meeting with your provider. We look forward to meeting you, and are honored that you have chosen us to work along side you.

Who is Kenai Peninsula Mental Health?

Kenai Peninsula Mental Health is a growing group practice that offers Individual and Family therapy services to Soldotna and the surrounding communities. KPMH providers are passionate about serving the people of our community and offering exceptional care, start to finish. You can expect warmth, professionalism, evidenced based interventions and motivated providers who are committed to getting you and yours back on track. Find out more about Mary, Robyn and Daniela here…