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Professional family counselors in Soldotna

KPMH has counselors on staff that specialize in family therapy, focusing on parent, child and sibling interactions. Working with a professional family counselor can be helpful in facilitating conversations, establishing and implementing expectations, and supporting loved ones, regardless of your role in the family. Our therapists work to understand the dynamics that bring you to counseling, and offer in the moment interventions and strategies to build on successes and strengths in support of creating healthy change.

Parenting education and support is an important aspect of what our counselors offer during family therapy. Even though YOU are the expert on your child, our therapists bring knowledge and experience to the table, offering an outside perspective. Sometimes it is this shift in perspective that allows us to consider a situation with fresh eyes, and tackle a challenging situation with renewed clarity of vision and resolve.

Therapy sessions with a professional counselor can offer emotional support, guidance, and education in addressing a variety of challenges that today’s families face. Relationship dynamics can be messy, and sometimes, bringing in the support of an outside party can be helpful in navigating the social nuance of relating to those we’re related to. Family therapy can be an effective way of addressing challenging relationship dynamics.


Sessions last 50-60 minutes

Specialized family counselors on staff

$180 per session

Accepted by most insurance providers

We do not accept medicaid at this time

To schedule: (206) 451-7271



Should you see a Family therapist?

Some of the common challenges that cause people to seek family counseling can include:

  • Family planning

  • Developing parenting skills

  • Blended family issues

  • Step parenting

  • Divorce troubles

  • Behavioral Issues

  • Addressing challenging conversations

  • Setting limits and boundaries

  • Establishing expectations

  • Follow through and consistency

The various goals for family therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • More healthy and effective communication

  • Address and resolve problems and conflicts

  • Support in navigating challenging and traumatic events

  • A more positive and peaceful family culture

What you can Expect in Family Counseling

Once you reach out, one of our local family counselors will be in touch to talk about your particular circumstances, and what brings you and your family into counseling at this time. Should you wish to move forward, an appointment will be set up to meet and talk in more detail, ensuring that the therapeutic relationship is a “good fit.” This initial therapy session can vary depending on your wishes, and may include adults only, or parents and children depending on your unique circumstances.

Family in counseling - Dad and child
KPMH - Family Counseling Room

Generally, family therapy sessions occur one time weekly for 60 minutes. However, depending on the circumstances that bring you and your family into therapy and the interventions being used, it is at times helpful to flex this schedule according to your specific needs. These details will be discussed with you and your family throughout the counseling process.

If you think you and your family might benefit from a little additional support, please reach out. Our counselors are here to offer guidance, education and support to get you and yours back on the road to health and happiness.


Ready to get started? Call or email us today. Our contact info is at the bottom of this page.

Once you reach out, one of our Soldotna family therapists will contact you to gather information regarding your specific situation.  This process will help us better understand how to support you and your family and assist you in making changes towards your identified goals.

This will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions about family counseling, and ensure that we are the right fit for you. Here at KPMH, our providers believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is essential in the process of creating change. These initial conversations are important in assessing fit, as family therapy is not “one size fits all.”

Additionally, KPMH uses Simple Practice, a medical record and portal system that will allow for confidential and HIPAA compliant messaging that ensures your privacy. You will be sent a portal link that directs you to online documentation to be completed prior to your initial session.

KPMH’s office is located on the second floor of the Blazy Mall, Suite 202. Feel free to arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled session to grab a cup of tea and relax before meeting with your provider. We look forward to meeting you, and are honored you have chosen us to do this work along side you.

our specialized family counselors in Soldotna

Mary Kuepper -family counselor in Soldotna

Mary Kuepper - Counselor

Mary has over a decade of experience working in community based mental health. Though she has worked with people across the lifespan, she specializes in work with kids, teens and families. Mary is passionate about giving people the tools they need to not only function well, but to thrive in their everyday life. Learn more about Mary here.

Soldotna Family counselor

Robyn Howlett - Counselor

Robyn is passionate about coming along side and supporting people on their individual paths to health and wellness. Robyn loves getting outside of the ‘brick and mortar’ approach, and looks for opportunities to incorporate nature, movement, and play as aids in pursuing mental health. Find out more about Robyn.

billing, INsurance information, and Limitations


  • KPMH is currently a preferred provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Any deductibles, co-pays or co-insurances are due in full at the time of service. If KPMH is not in network with your insurance carrier, as a courtesy, we will submit an out of network claim on your behalf. Any deductibles, co-pays or co- insurances are due in full at the time of service. Any cost of service not reimbursed by your insurance carrier will be your responsibility.

Secondary Insurance Coverage

  • At this time, KPMH does not bill secondary insurance directly. If you have secondary insurance coverage, we would be happy to provide you with a Superbill that will streamline the reimbursement process. You are welcome to handle that yourself, or, we recommend utilizing Better, an online tool for filing out of network claims and securing reimbursement for money paid out of pocket. You can find out more about this resource at

Medicaid and Medicare

  • At this time, KPMH providers are unable to see any individuals who have Medicaid or Medicare coverage.


  • Cost of Individual and family therapy sessions is $180 per hour.

  • Sessions last between 50- 60 minutes.

  • Cash, check or major credit cards are all accepted.

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