Daniela Kopec Soldotna Trauma Counselor

About Daniela Kopec, LPC-S

Daniela has over 15 years of experience working as a counselor in the mental health field. Though she has experience working with clients across the life span, she has found that she is most passionate about walking alongside those that have experienced trauma, addressing the symptoms of anxiety and depression that are often co-ocurring. Daniela believes in utilizing an integrative approach to health and wellness that looks at mind, body and spirt, and is motivated to give people the tools to develop their inner strength and confidence to make the changes they desire. Native to the Soldotna community, Daniela has called Alaska home for many years. When not working with clients, Daniela can be found spending time in the sun, doing active Yoga, and enjoying time with her family.

Education & Training:

Daniela trained as a mental health clinician at Appalachian State University where she obtained her master’s degree in Community Counseling. Prior to that she attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In accordance with AK state law, she is a Licensed Professional Counselor (#494). Daniela is also certified as a Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor in the State of Alaska, which allows her to provide supervision to other professionals in the field who are seeking licensure as professional counselors.


Daniela has been practicing counseling since 2004 and has experience working with adults, youth, and families ages 5 - elderly. Daniela began her professional career working in a residential treatment center for youth, then transitioned in early 2015 to a community mental health center working with adults and children who struggle with significant mental health challenges and functional impairments. Daniela has experience working collaboratively with other providers to offer integrated and wholistic care. She is passionate about supporting people on their journey in developing a satisfying and sustainable lifestyle, and creating stability in their mental, emotional, physical and relational health.

Counseling Perspective:

Daniela believes in a wholistic perspective that serves to treat the entire person - mind, body, and spirit. Her therapeutic framework is shaped by trauma informed care, attachment theory, cognitive-behavior theory, and neuroscience. Daniela believes it is important for integration of the brain, body, and relationships with others for true and lasting healing. She seeks to help individuals increase their internal and external resources and develop skills and abilities to cope with distress and gain emotional regulation. With specialized training in working with individuals who have histories of trauma, Daniela also believes it is important to help people reprocess underlying dynamics and trauma that contribute to current suffering and life dissatisfaction. Daniela strives to help individuals establish a sense of safety and trust, and develop healthy connections and relationships within themselves and within the community while learning adaptive ways to get their needs met. She has a special interest in working with those who struggle with trauma, anxiety, and depression, and is passionate about helping people find their inner value and confidence to create change in their lives. Daniela uses an integrative and multifaceted approach to best meet the needs of each individual client she serves. Interventions may include psychoeducation, talk therapy, CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, movement, art, play, and experiential activities, to name a few. Additionally, Daniela is an EMDR trained therapist.