Services & Areas of Specialty




Individual Therapy- Individual Therapy is a time during which rapport is established and unconditional positive regard is utilized to assist the client in identifying areas of desired change and helping them create positive skills to make those changes. 

  • 50-60 minute, 1 on 1 session

Family Therapy- An integrative systems approach which may involve the whole, or parts of the family, in identifying stress and working collaboratively on ways in which everyone can contribute to bringing about healthy change.  Family therapy includes education and tools to address emotional and behavioral issues. 

  • 50-60 minute session with Parent(s) and child, or siblings

Child Counseling- A fun and interactive therapeutic process where children are engaged in various forms of education, intervention, movement and expression. During this time, children are invited to explore and express themselves with their most natural language of play, a safe and natural medium that allows kids to communicate where they may not have the capacity to express themselves verbally.

  • 50-60 minute, 1 on 1 session

Teen and Adolescent Counseling- A safe and supportive therapeutic environment that allows teens to discuss and explore the challenges they face in their day to day life. Down to earth providers offer humor, kindness, science based psycho-education and practical interventions to increase skills, manage emotions and cope more effectively.

  • 50-60 minute, 1 on 1 session

Integrated Assessments- Gathering historical information regarding family, mental and physical health, and significant life events that may be contributing to symptoms identified as being in need of change.  This process does involve identifying a diagnosis and establishing a plan of care moving forward. 

  • 1-2 hour session with parent and child

Licensed Professional Counselor Supervision- Please email to discuss supervision services for professionals seeking licensure.

Areas of Specialty

  • Parenting

  • Pediatric behavior disorders

  • Post traumatic stress disorder

  • Self harm behaviors

  • Sensory integration issues

  • Social skills

  • Stress management

  • Trauma

  • ADHD

  • Adjustment

  • Anxiety

  • Autism / Asperger’s

  • Depression

  • Disordered eating


  • Mood management

What you can Expect

Once you reach out, one of our KPMH Soldotna therapist will be in touch to talk about your particular circumstances, and what brings you into counseling at this time. Should you wish to move forward, an appointment will be set up to meet and talk in more detail, ensuring that the therapeutic relationship is a “good fit” for all parties involved.

Additionally, KPMH uses Simple Practice, a medical record and portal system that will allow for confidential and HIPAA compliant messaging that ensures your privacy. You will be sent a portal link that directs you to online documentation to be completed prior to your initial session.

KPMH’s office is located on the second floor of the Blazy Mall, Suite 202. Feel free to arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled session to grab a cup of tea and relax before meeting with your provider. We look forward to meeting you, and are honored you have chosen us to do this work along side you.

Billing, Insurance Information and Limitations


KPMH is currently a Preferred Provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Any Deductibles, Co-pays or Co- insurances are due in full at the time of service. If KPMH is not in network with your insurance carrier, as a courtesy, we will submit an out of network claim on your behalf. Any deductibles, co-pays or co- insurances are due in full at the time of service. Any cost of service not reimbursed by your insurance carrier will be your responsibility. 

Secondary Insurance Coverage:

At this time, KPMH does not bill secondary insurance directly. If you have secondary insurance coverage, we would be happy to provide you with a Superbill that will streamline the reimbursement process. You are welcome to handle that yourself, or, we recommend utilizing Better, an online tool for filing out of network claims and securing reimbursement for money paid out of pocket. You can find out more about this resource at 

Medicaid and Medicare:

At this time, KPMH providers are unable to see any individuals who have Medicaid or Medicare coverage. 


Cost of Individual and Family therapy sessions is $180 per hour.  Sessions last between 50- 60 minutes. 

Cash, check or major credit cards are all accepted. 

 Cancellation Policy

KPMH has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Though our providers certainly realize that ‘life happens’ and late cancellations are sometimes unavoidable, we do ask that you do your best to notify your provider of a cancellation 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. Doing so allows us to fulfill other clients scheduling needs, and best serve our community.  

This policy is in place out of respect for our providers, AND our clients. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are difficult to fill. By giving last minute notice, or no notice at all, someone else is prevented from scheduling into that cancelled slot, and a 60 minute hole is left in your providers schedule.

Please be aware that clients who no call/ no show or cancel last minute will be responsible for the full cost of their missed session. In an effort to avoid such circumstances, KPMH does offer a courtesy contact, either by text or voicemail, 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. Should you receive this notice and realize you are unable to attend the following days appointment, please communicate that directly with your provider through text or email, or call our main number at (206) 451- 7271. Thank you so much for you attention and consideration on this matter!